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Thirty-fourth Issue
Volume 14, No. 2

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By Eric Boodman

The Anatomy Of Clay
By Abby Paige

They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children / Mobilizing The Will To Intervene: Leadership To Prevent Mass Atrocities
By Aparna Sanyal


Bats Or Swallows
Reviewed by Taylor Tower

Lives: Whole And Otherwise
Reviewed by Rosel Kim

Reviewed by Kimberly Bourgeois

Spat The Dummy
Reviewed by Ian McGillis

The Obituary
Reviewed by Anna Leventhal

Three Deaths
Reviewed by Rob Sherren


Bad Animals: A Father’s Accidental Education In Autism
Reviewed by Leila Marshy

Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure
Reviewed by Joni Dufour

The Republic Of Therapy
Reviewed by Sarah Fletcher

Writing In The Time Of Nationalism: From Two Solitudes To Blue Metropolis
Reviewed by Gregory J. Reid

You Could Lose An Eye: My First 80 Years In Montreal
Reviewed by Joel Yanofsky

non-fiction at a glance

Eeyou Istchee: Land Of The Cree/terre Des Cris
Reviewed by Carol Katz

The Origin Of A Person
Reviewed by Prosenjit Dey Chaudhury


Blood Is Blood
Reviewed by Bert Almon

Hard Feelings
Reviewed by Bert Almon

Poets And Killers
Reviewed by Bert Almon

Song Of The Taxidermist
Reviewed by Bert Almon

The Collected Books Of Artie Gold
Reviewed by Bert Almon

The Truth Of Houses
Reviewed by Bert Almon

Where We Might Have Been
Reviewed by Bert Almon

the mile end café

The October Crisis, 1970 An Insider’s View/trudeau's Darkest Hour, War Measures In Time Of Peace, October 1970
Reviewed by Mélanie Grondin

the mrb cartoon

Image By Jean-philippe Marcotte

young readers

Captured: The Divided Realms Series, Book 1
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Into The Mist: The Story Of The Empress Of Ireland
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Milo: Sticky Notes And Brain Freeze
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Noni Says No
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Raffi’s New Friend
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Scaredy Squirrel Has A Birthday Party
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Today, Maybe
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

Without You
Reviewed by Andrea Belcham

The Collected Books Of Artie Gold
Artie Gold
paper 304 pp.
Talonbooks ISBN 9780889226524

The Collected Books of Artie Gold

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New Document Montreal legend Artie Gold published only two books after his great outburst of creativity in 1974–79, and one of those was made up of poetry from the late 1970s; a big collection of his work is very welcome. Sadly, The Collected Books of Artie Gold is a posthumous compilation, as Gold died on Valentine’s Day, 2007, after years of debilitating respiratory illness.

Gold was heavily influenced by two Americans, Frank O’Hara and Jack Spicer, and there are whispers of Leonard Cohen in his work. His first book was completely derivative, but he quickly assimilated the American voices. Gold’s poems are protean: he can be delicate and gross, and his imagination thrives on daily life (as in the “I do this I do that” poems of his beloved O’Hara), but has a mythological reach as well. In the middle of the book are two amusing changes of pace: a set of poems about jockeys that take the visual form of horse-and- jockey, and a group of poems about his cherished cats. It is time for a good assessment of this writer – he shouldn’t remain merely a legendary figure – and The Collected Books will make such a valuation easier.

Bert Almon teaches a poetry masterclass with Derek Walcott at the University of Alberta. His most recent book is Waiting for the Gulf Stream (Hagios Press).